Design, Engineering and
Manufacturing Services

Our engineering and manufacturing teams will partner with you throughout the entire process, making sure the components or assemblies meet your expectations.

If you can’t find a standard part to meet your needs, our engineers can create a custom part to meet your exact requirements. We have the ability to provide both precision and high-quality commercial grade components. Our expertise is not limited to mechanical components. We can design, manufacture and assemble custom subassemblies with world-class quality and reliability.

  • Pulley Options
    We offer standard timing pulleys with no flanges, a single flange, or double flanges to hold the timing belt’s position. One or two set screws are used to fix the timing pulley to a shaft.Generally, a pair of timing pulleys requires a minimum of two flanges and proper alignment to ensure that the belt stays in position and does not run off the pulley. The right timing pulley and flange count depends on the synchronous drive’s design, including the orientation of, size of, and distance between pulleys, among other factors.
  • Pulley Materials
    Ondrives.US can manufacture your timing pulleys from a variety of materials. The most common options are:
    Aluminum timing pulleys
    Steel timing pulleys
    Plastic timing pulleys
  • Pulley Modifications
    We can modify any of our standard timing pulleys to suit your specific application and performance requirements. Common modifications include:
    Keyway in bore
    D shaped bore
    Custom bore size
    Clamp style hub (instead of set screw)
    Two pulleys on one part
    Different materials, such as Acetal with a brass hub
    Special plating or finishes
  • pulley design and calculation refer to